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Onto The next one

Onto The next one

I passed! MO5 Insurance Law is complete – what a relief.

I was more than anxious about my first exam as it was the first diploma unit  I have attempted. As a compulsory unit, I was expecting the course to be challenging but nothing quite prepares you for the size of the textbook. Though daunting, I persevered with my studies.

The multiple choice test was tough; and that awful 10-second wait at the end before you see your result is teeth-grindingly scary. Thankfully though, I passed both the coursework and exam elements on the first attempt.

For those of you who have also passed exams recently, I would like to say well done. It is a massive achievement, so you should be proud of yourselves.

Moving on.

Anyone who is currently studying will know the dilemma of finishing one exam then trying to find the motivation to start the next one.

You aren’t alone in this struggle. This time round, I hit a major rut. Having taken some holiday to move into my very first home, I returned to the office to find the usual buildup of work. I was snowed under catching up and found myself wondering: ‘How can I find the energy to start my next exam?’ Then I thought back to what I wrote in my previous blog – take a breather and look at all the benefits of gaining the qualifications.

Breaking the process down really helped; all I had to do initially was apply for the next module. Thankfully, one of my colleagues, Dawn, is also studying towards her Diploma in Insurance and was really encouraging me to apply for my next course. She even started leaving the application forms on my desk… I took the hint.

I have decided to complete the Insurance Business and Finance module next, as this is the last compulsory module required for the Diploma. Thankfully, the course is available in mixed assessment format as I have found that the ‘M’ variants of the exams work much better for me.

Now is probably also a good time to reach out to anyone who is studying but might not be passing the exams first or second time round. To anyone in this situation: don’t panic! There is a way for everyone and you will find your process, pass the modules and gain your qualifications. It is hard work and you may need to step outside of the box occasionally but the benefits are endless so don’t be put off by a failed attempt.

Final thought

So, this time round I have two pieces of advice for you. First, when studying, it is really important you find what works best for you. This will be different for all of us whether it is how you study, or which exam style you prefer. Second, it is really helpful to find someone in your office or team who is also studying. You can swap study tips and update each other on your progress to stay motivated.

If, however, you don’t have any colleagues who are also studying I would highly recommend using the student discussion forum. It is a great place where other professional students post their worries or advice for others in the same position. The Chartered Insurance Institute also offers group revision days and the end-of-chapter multiple-choice tests on RevisionMate are a saviour!

Good luck to all those with exams coming up and don’t forget the expert in anything was once a beginner. Just like a lot of us.

Florence Dennis is account manager, financial lines at Arthur J Gallagher


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