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Jogging the memory

Jogging the memory

Oliver Swinburn explains why taking up running again after injury has helped him with his studies.

Here we are again, taking time out from my studying to enjoy writing another blog for The Journal. I have been fortunate recently to recover from niggling injuries sustained in the summer and a case of shin splints, which have enabled me to get out my running shoes and let off some frustrations; we all know how difficult it can be to motivate yourself after a long day in the office. I find getting out in the fresh air a way to relax and focus and then when I do come to studying or any revision, it helps me to concentrate.

Being injured was an incredibly frustrating time but staying positive about it and trying not to do too much exercise was necessary; the only way to recover from such an injury is to rest up. I had a similar frustration on one of my recent exams. The multiple choice exams are good in that you immediately get your result and the exam centres have exams on all year round rather than just during specific exam periods, but if the result doesn’t go as planned it can be incredibly frustrating; especially with limited feedback and not knowing how close you were. Stay positive though – as I said earlier, being able to take another exam so quickly is definitely a great thing. Luckily, I was able to book mine a few weeks later and felt much more confident while clicking through the answers second time around. My studies, much like my running, are now back on track!


More recently, work has started to interfere and interrupt the time I have available for my studies as well. I’m sure there are plenty of you out there like me, who put in a lot of hours in your job and really enjoy what you do; but finding the time to study can be difficult, especially when your job will always come first. Sometimes, it is good to take a short break from studying to give you a renewed appetite for it and to make sure you are going into it with a positive attitude. If you are not enjoying your studying, it will be much more difficult to take things in and will probably take you longer to get through your exams. It’s not about the total amount of time you spend on your studies but more the about the quality of the time you put it.

I hope that everyone is progressing with modules and achieving qualifications. Best of luck again to all those reading with deadlines and exams fast approaching – you will smash it!


  • Quality over quantity – 45 minutes concentrated study is better than two hours when you’re unfocused
  • Take a break – It is important to rest, both your body and your mind
  • Stay positive – You can always retake an exam if you don’t get the result you’d hoped

Oliver Swinburn is account executive at Morrison Insurance Solutions


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