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Feeling festive

Feeling festive

In his last blog for The Journal, Oliver Swinburn looks back on a year at the helm and offers some tips for the Christmas period.

It really doesn’t seem like a year ago that I started writing these blogs for The Journal, although somehow the year has flown by! In that time, I have made good progress with my studies and I hope a number of you that are reading this find yourselves in similar positions, and are that little bit closer to finishing your next module or completing your next qualification.

I am writing this with Christmas just around the corner and there are plenty of work pressures to make sure everything is done ahead of people breaking up, which I am sure is the same for most of us. I am using the Christmas holidays as a target to work hard and focus on my studies, so I can enjoy my time off. Christmas, for me, is always a time for catching up with family and friends that I haven’t seen for a while and I know it will lead to my focus being elsewhere, so these final few weeks are really important. I have recently started a new module and if I am able to get myself into a position where I can start all the assignments in the new year, I will see it as an achievement.


My latest module is one that only requires assignments, as opposed to having to sit any exams. With the assignments, I have found that it is vital to put together a good plan for what you are going to write and break down the answer so that you can respond to each part of the question. This helps to build structure to your answers and allows you to stick to what the question is asking. This has helped me use my time more efficiently.

With England currently playing cricket in Australia, I have been like many other cricket fans, excited but realistic about our chances of retaining the Ashes. I was counting on some time reading textbooks and writing assignments while waiting up to watch; however, the way we have played so far has not been at all inspiring! Hopefully we will have improved throughout the rest of the series.

As I suggested at the beginning, sadly this is my last blog for The Journal. When I started doing it 12 months ago it was a bit of an unknown, but after writing several blog entries now, it is something I have really enjoyed doing, especially as it has given me a bit of a break from my CII studies!

To everyone reading, I sincerely hope you enjoy your Christmas and have a very happy new year – and all the best to those with exams and assignments in 2018.

Oliver Swinburn is account executive at Morrison Insurance Solutions


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